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Kasumi sat in the room in Stronghold that the Champions had assigned to her, staring at her reflection in her collapsible Vibranium shield. The one that had been massed produced, like she had been, as a weapon meant to further the aims of evil. But she had chosen to defy that fate and was thus a major part of the reason why her maker's plans had been foiled and the world saved.

After the dust had started to settle, she had been offered a place with the Champions, which she had accepted, but now she was wondering if it was really the place for her. Most of the heroes trusted her completely, and she even had a few friends she outside the Champions like Captain America Mari and Captain Maria and her team, but a few of the Stingray Industries employees, especially the ones that had lost friends or family in Chimera's attack on Stronghold gave her the stink eye when they thought she couldn't tell.

Of course, they were forgetting that she was a super soldier and could all but actually feel the weight of their disapproving stares on her back, and hear the whispers with ease. Although she couldn't really blame them, given what her "sisters" had done, those thoughts had just brought up more angst about having killed those other Kasumi clones.

They had been mentally conditioned to overcome the natural inclination for goodness that at least some of them had inherited from their "mother", a conditioning that Kasumi had never received, having essentially been sent on a test run and only kept around after that as a bodyguard for one of the individuals behind her and the other clones.

If things had been just a little different, she might be dead and another Kasumi clone, outwardly identical to her in every way, might be in this room, staring at her own shield right now.

“Hey, Kasumi?” Hikari said, knocking on the open frame of the door to the room the clone had been assigned. “Are you in here?” Hearing no reply, she poked her head in and saw the redheaded super soldier sitting somberly on her bed.

“What is it Hikari?” Kasumi said, barely lifting her head as her fellow heroine walked in and sat down next to her.

You know, you're not the first to struggle with this kind of thing," Hikari said to the crimson haired clone, who looked up to the Martian with a look that expressed surprise that she had been able to know what she was feeling without actually using her telepathy, which she would have noticed due to her uploaded training.

“Besides the actual clones and other artificial beings that end up on the Line, sometimes a Fiction can have an identity crisis from all the alts of them running around, "the senior Champion replied. "I had a feeling this might happen, so I had this printed up”.

"What is it," the clone asked, taking the piece of paper from the Martian Champion. Taking a look, she saw that it was a card for something called "Clones Confidential".

“I heard about it when I was at Iron Haven. It;s a support group for people who are, as the tropes put it, suffering from the ‘cloning blues’,” Hikari explained. “I recommended it to Super Rei after I got back from there, and she swears that it helped her deal with some of some of her own insecurities.”

Kasumi, a little surprised that she hadn’t known that her fellow Champion was also a clone, despite having talked to the Kryptonian several times in the past few days, looked down at the card again. “Are you sure this can help?”

“It should at least get you started,” the pigtailed hero said, giving her shoulder a quick squeeze as she got up. “They’ve got a website you can check out if you want to know more, and Rei can take you with her to the next meeting if you’re up to it.”Having said that, she flew out of Kasumi’s room, leaving the ninja thoughtfully staring at the card she had given her, thinking carefully about her next move.

After a minute, her mind was made up, and she went over to her spartan desk, booted up the company laptop she had also been given, and typed in the web address that was listed on the card, carefully reading and rereading the page that came up as a result.

Almost a week later, Kasumi was standing with Super Rei, both in plainclothes, in a lobby in a town that Kasumi had never even heard of, waiting for Kasumi’s first Clones Confidential meeting to start, the super ninja soldier mentally going over the information that she had learned from the site, combined with information from other sources.

The group had been founded by an alternate of Brianna Diggers, who, having been created by accident as a sort of hybrid clone of her sisters Brittany and Gina in an attempt to keep a bad luck curse from killing them, had had a bit of a tough time adjusting and finding her own individual identity, especially since she had inherited Britanny's feelings for Prince Srypp, and knew she couldn't have him.

After arriving on the Core Timeline, she had noticed how the "Cloning Blues" trope tended to show up a lot in Fictions that were clones, other beings with unconventional origins, and even some arrivals to Coreline who had some trouble adjusting to the fact that there were potentially dozens of versions of themselves running around. Wanting to help these individuals, she used the money she gets from the family company to found a support group for these individuals, so they don't have to go through it alone, and can assert their own identity in a healthy manner.

When the hour struck, the two heroes entered the room, the rest of the group, having been informed in advance that Kasumi was going to be there, was already waiting for them. "This is our newest member," the group leader, a clonetrooper, said. "Everybody introduce yourselves!"

"Hello Kasumi," the group said as a whole before coming up to greet her more personally, several giving Rei a few quick hellos. Kasumi felt a smile crawling up her face, and knew right then that she was going to like it there.
CLINE: Kasumi and Clones Confidential
After joining the Champions, Kasumi (from Operation:Endgame) has some self doubts, and Hikari, recognizing that she's going through Cloning Blues, refers her to a program she heard about while in Iron Heights called Clones Confidential, which specializes in helping clones, etc., with such issues. Incomplete, working title, an entry for the Anything Goes Jam contest.
Dawn rose above Mars's Marineris Dam City, a large settlement built entirely on top of a dam in the Martian Valles Marineris canyons, the largest in the entire solar system. Inside their Mystery Machine, the Scooby-Doo Lanterns sat around a table with a built in hologram projector, waiting for Velma to give them the briefing for their latest case.

"As you know," Velma began, "DC Martians, whether Green, White, or miscellaneous, have a weakness to fire. This is why the John Jones alt called us in, the monster is an old Martian Boogeyman-esque legend made of living flame, with a name I still can't seem to properly pronounce even with my ring."

"Living fire?" Daphne said. "No wonder they needed help, it's like walking Martian Kryptonite!"

"Um, why doesn't he just call the Justice League?" Shaggy asked, confused. "I thought he was a member or something."

"This alt of himself either never joined the League or didn't stay long if he did, I'm not sure which, and he doesn't really have any contacts among the ones that did," Velma replied. "The few heroes he does know are mostly other Martians, but they're either DC Martians and thus also weak to fire, or dealing with emergencies already and unable to help, especially since there's rumors of a war brewing.

That's why he called for us, he's heard of Mystery Inc and knows we can get to the bottom of this, and thanks to us being Lanterns, we'll be able to investigate without having to worry about the jurisdictions of the different Martian nations. He didn't know how quickly we'd be able to make it, so we have just before sundown until he needs to meet us, especially since the legends say the creature is nocturnal, so we meet back up here then."

With nothing else left to add, Velma finished, and the group split up to do some incognito tourism. Velma was touring the local museums, Fred and Daphne were going to the Barsoom circus's show, which was apparently well recommended, and Shaggy and Scooby, surprise surprise, were hitting an all-you-can eat buffet for a mid morning snack

Said human and dog duo, after being cut off upon taking enough food to cover an entire table by a wise manager who realized that he might go bankrupt if he didn't stop them, decided to head to the circus to join Fred and Daphne (and of course to chow down on the concessions), when they were suddenly bowled over by what looked like a more than three meters tall Earth gorilla with a chest that looked almost like it had naturally armored skin, carrying something under its arm. "Hey, watch it," Shaggy called out, Scooby growling in angered agreement.

"Stop that Venusian! Stop that thief," cried out a humanoid that was chasing after the ape creature, apparently a Venusian, but was already panting and nearly out of steam. "He stole my package, someone please stop him before he gets away!"

Silently nodding at each other as they started running after the fleeing alien, Shaggy and Scooby went to work. Subtly activating their rings, Shaggy created a fear construct in the shape of a sausage links with snake features, and sent it after the fleeing thief like a lasso, while Scooby-Doo created a donut with spider features and had it spit out a web that latched onto the package.

At the same time, the two pulled on their construct ropes, causing the space ape to stumble and fall, while the package he was carrying was safely propelled into Shaggy's arms. All apparently without anyone on the street seeing that they were the ones responsible for the takedown.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" The victim of the package snatching cried as he huffed his way over to the two incognito Lanterns, the taller of which returning said package to him as he caught his breath. "If you weren't there, it might have been damaged when that oaf of a filthy Venusian thief tripped! If anything had happened to it I would be out of a job! Again, thank you!"

"No problem," Shaggy said modestly. "Now, let's call the police so they can arrest that guy..."

Shaggy's voice trailed off as he and Scooby-Doo looked at where the Venusian had been, his legs bound by Shaggy's yellow fear energy construct, only to see a blank section of street. In the short time that the three of them had been talking, the alien, despite being much larger than the few others in the street at the time, had broken through the creation, no small feat, and had seemingly vanished into thin air without leaving even a single trace of any kind.

After everybody managed to pick their jaws up off of the ground, the duo had done a quick search of the area, but the Venusian thief had vanished into the wind, and not even Scooby-Doo and his super sniffer could figure out which way he had gone. After being thanked a few more times by the very grateful alien, the Fear Lantern duo politely excused themselves and went on to get some lunch.

It wasn't until they had already started chowing down that they realized something important they hadn't at the time, that neither of them had thought to ask what was in the package the Venusian had stolen, and why he would have stolen it in the first place...

In the Marineris Dam City sewar system, the Venusian thief sulked and raged inside his head. He had almost slipped away with his prize, but those two stupid Lanterns, which he was glad he didn't have back in his original world, had intervened, and now he had to try again before it slipped out of his reach. And once he had it safely back in his possession, then things could go forward and he would be free to take revenge on those Lanterns.

Just then, his computer beeped. Walking over, he saw that it had identified the human and dog Lanterns as alts of Norville "Shaggy" Rogers and Scooby Doo, members of an investigative agency. "Mystery Inc, so that's who those meddlers owe allegiance to besides their Corps," he said, his face starting to morph in a dark grin. "Now I know who else I owe vengeance upon!"

To Be Continued...
Panting, Korra caught the fist aimed at her face and managed to bat the other one aimed at her gut away. She and the Lucario she was sparring with both leaped back and gave a respectful bow to each other as a timer rang and their session ended.

“Thanks for that Lucario, I think I did better that time,” the Water Tribeswoman said as she grabbed her water bottle and took a quick swig. “Just head back to the others when you’re done.”

*Thank you,* her Lucario said through aura as they started punching and jabbing at a Stingray Industries extra durable practice dummy, Korra leaving the room as they did so.

Miles away, an Eevee with a metal collar and a slightly wounded shoulder trembled in a reinforced glass cage with a strange device set in the top as two humans in lab coats stood before it, one of them reading something on a tablet after plugging it into a machine.

“The latest blood test shows that the genetic modifications have fully merged with the subject’s DNA,” the first scientist said as the tablet beeped and displayed the results on the screen. “Once we confirm that it has developed the abilities that we desire, we are authorized to obtain what we need in order to replicate them on a larger scale.”

“Excellent, let the tests begin then,” their colleague said with glee as they pushed a button that forced the Eevee through a door in the wall of its cage via the collar and into a large Pokemon arena in the next room, where a Vileplume, Linoone, and Dusclops were waiting. The other scientist sat down in the seat next to them and watched as light shone from the room through the one way glass, and the sounds of battle started.

After a minute, the first scientist pushed a several buttons, causing another appearance of the white light, and the sound of Pokemon being returned and different ones sent out. This happened several more times before the scientists were apparently satisfied.

“The test is over,” the first scientist said, prompting the return of all but one of the Pokemon in the arena. “It’s time to return to your cage now.” Pressing more buttons caused a crackle of energy, accompanied by a cry of pain, to emanate from the battlefield, the collar forcing its wearer to return to the cage.

But what returned to the cage was not an Eevee, but a slightly battered Sylveon, which, as the scientists watched, transitioned between the rest of its evolved forms as it tried in vain to resist the collar, only to return to its unevolved form after the cage door slid shut once more.

“Excellent, a complete success. All the evolutionary forms, or ‘eeveeloutions’ have been confirmed in the subject, as well as the other enhancements we added.” the first scientist said, rubbing their hands together in glee. “The only factor not within acceptable parameters is the subject’s obedience, and the next stage should handle that easily enough.”

“Contact the grunts with what they need so they can, “appropriate” it,” the other scientist said as they typed furiously on their tablet. “We need to be able to proceed with the project as soon as possible”...

A few days later, Korra was in the main kitchen, making a protein filled smoothie, when her watch beeped loudly. Frowning, she looked at the display and tapped it, causing a holographic blue and pink, duck like image to appear above it.

“What is it Mac,” Korra asked as she finished making her smoothie and poured it into a travel cup. “I didn’t hear an alert, did something happen with any of my Pokemon? Don’t tell me Pichu got into the air vents again!”

“No, Pichu is still asleep, but Absol is sensing a minor disaster about to occur,” the Porygon said in his synthetic voice. “With my help she was able to discern the approximate location, and I’ve already told Gallade so he can Teleport you there.”

Taking a big gulp of her smoothie, then fastening the cup to her waist, a determined look appeared on the young woman’s face… which was completely ruined by her wiping her lip with the back of her hand. “What are we waiting for then, let’s roll!”

A multi-colored light shone as Korra and a Gallade appeared out of nowhere into a part of Newark, a city in New Jersey that Korra had never been called to before, an Absol popping out as soon as they appeared. “Thanks Gallade, I’ll call you when I need you again,” she said as she returned him. “Well girl, are we close?” Nodding, Absol leaped forwards, Korra jogging behind her, an unmarked cargo van passing by right when Korra heard the crash.

Racing to the scene, which was luckily just around the corner, after Absol, Korra saw that a plain cargo van, near identical to the one that had just raced past her, had somehow swerved and crashed into a light pole. Korra, with Absol’s help, managed to get the door open and extract the semi-conscious driver.

“Are you alright,” Korra asked, trying to keep him conscious and focused while the ambulance Mac had called was incoming, as she checked him over for injuries as he mumbled incoherently. Looking in his pocket for an ID, she found nothing put a piece of paper covered in illegible scrawls.

"Team Rocket forever..." the driver muttered, causing Korra to start, but before she could react further, the side of the van rent open and an Excadrill forced its way onto the street. Realizing that the Pokemon would likely do a great deal more damage, as it looked frantic to escape the area.

"Go Gallade, stop that Excadrill before it does any more damage," she commanded as she released her Psychic/Fighting type. Nodding in understanding, he fired a Confusion and leaped forward to strike with Close Combat while Excadrill was distracted, only for the Excadrill to suddenly reveal itself as a Ditto, then turn into a Jellicent that floated above the Confusion and phased through Gallade's now useless fighting type attack, and prepared an attack of its own.

Luckily for Gallade, the Ditto that could apparently change its form to Pokemon it had encountered previously had forgotten about Absol, whom, with barely any direction from Korra, had snuck up behind it and hit it with a Night Slash before it could react. While it was still stunned, Korra threw a Poke Ball at it, causing it do disappear inside with a flash of light.

For several long seconds, the ball rocked on the ground, Korra holding in her breath without realizing it, but luckily for her the capture was a success. Letting out her breath, she walked over and picked up the Poke Ball with the odd Ditto. "What the hell is going on here," she asked, worried at what this hinted at.

To Be Continued...
A streak of turquoise light shot across the sky, curving and twisting slightly as the sea below it swelled, only to suddenly change direction and start curving downwards once land came into sight. Once it was above land, the streak quickly stopped just above the ground, releasing a figure.

Said figure was wearing brown and blue clothes, complete with a blue hat that covered his head, and gloves with a gauntlet-like arm covering covered in glowing blue markings that at times seemed like circuits. He also had skin as white as porcelain, with blue markings on his face, and had a floating device with a sphere filled of that same glowing blue light.

"El reporting in," he said into a comm mounted on his collar as he walked into the forest just off the beach. "Are you sure this is the closest spot to where the ship was when the cameras went offline and the shipment disappeared? I didn't see anything from the air, and I'm not seeing anything now."

"We're sure," the person on the other end of the earpiece receiver replied. "According to the satellite feeds we got from our contact, this island didn't exist the day before the robbery, and even if it's just CLULESS dropping something into Coreline again, the timing is too much of a coincidence to ignore, and we're picking up the signal for the shipment from the bot. Just use the bot's scanners on the island if you don't find anything when searching it, then come back to base if you still can't find it. We'll still have it checked, but we don't want you running around if they've set up some kind of wild goose chase."

El gave a resigned sigh in reply, remembering the last time he went on a solo mission to a forest and almost got his leg torn off by some beast before he managed to portal away, and kept on walking into the forest. He didn't notice anything particularly out of the ordinary, besides the almost total lack of wildlife, which wasn't that unusual on an island that had just appeared a couple days before, and in just a couple minutes he was on the beach on the other side of the island.

Seeing nothing, he turned around and was about to walk around the island, but then he noticed a metallic glint from underneath a large rock at the edge of the forest. Opening a portal and hopping quickly over, he pushed the rock away, an easy task, given that it was apparently both on a track and hollow, and discovered a metal platform underneath. Pressing a button on the edge, El hopped onto the platform as it retracted deeper into the depths of the island.

"I've found an entrance to some kind of underground structure, and I'm heading in," he spoke into the comm, wanting to give another update in case the signal was blocked somehow by whatever the heck was inside the island. "I'll resume contact when I leave."

"Careful," the voice on the other end of the connection warned. "For all we know this entire island is artificial and filled with who knows what, or it's a ship of some kind, or who knows what else! If you get in over your head, get out of their, even if it means abandoning the cargo, alright?"

"Got it," he said, switching the comm off in order to maintain radio silence and increase the chances that his infiltration would go unnoticed as the platform reached the bottom of the track. Stepping off the platform into a small room, he walked over towards the door set into the other side of the room as the platform started to slide back up automatically.

Hitting a button next to the door, it slid open, revealing a stretch of empty hallway. El cautiously walked down the hall, the bot following close behind, keeping a close eye out for any cameras or other security systems, but finding none. In fact, there didn't seem to be anyone out and about, and all the rooms he peeked into appeared to be empty. "Where the heck is everyone?"

Shrugging, he decided that maybe it was best not to look a gift dragon-turkey in the mouth and kept on searching. After a couple more minutes of slowly searching the base, he lucked out and found what appeared to be a storage room. Right in the center of said storage room was the shipping crate containing the stolen cargo.

El, not being an idiot, was wary of his goal sitting practically right out in the open, apparently totally unguarded, after such a well planned and executed theft, especially since it seemed to be the only thing in the room besides what looked like some materials to patch up the base with. Thus, he sent out the bot and had it to a scan.

"Huh. They haven't even broken the seal?" El scratched his head under his hat as the bot reported that the lock on the crate had not been opened or tampered with, and that the crate was apparently completely undamaged with the contents, whatever the heck they were.

Still confused as heck by all of this, El nevertheless decided that pushing his luck any further would probably be a bad idea, and that he should take the crate and get the heck out of dodge. On his signal, the bot dropped several smaller drones that orbited in a circle several feet above him and the crate, creating a blue colored disc of energy.

El then created a portal right on the ground, paired with the one above him, and he and the crate fell through it instantly, their momentum carrying them through El's portal and into the one created the the drones, which led to an Emiya Industries quarantine area, where El and the crate landed neatly.

As the bot flew through behind El and the portal closed, and El prepared to give his report while he and the cargo were double checked for anything they wouldn't want in the main building, he wondered just what the heck was going on with that place...

After the portal had closed, the mysterious location where it had been remained quiet, but, unbeknownst to El, his time in the base had been watched through the eyes of creatures hidden in the vents, who had then projected what they had seen to their master.

Shrouded in shadow upon his throne-like chair, he sighed in relief when it appeared that the intruder was not coming back immediately. "Prepare the city for relocation, and repair the cloaking systems before they decide to come back and realize what exactly they've found," he barked to one of his subordinates, who replied with a salute and set to work to do just that.

Gripping his armrest in restrained anger, he cursed the malfunction that had allowed the crate to be found and reclaimed, but at the moment, no one knew who he was or what he planned, and that secrecy being preserved was well worth the setback that the crate' loss represented. As he thought of what he would do to the thief when he was ready, he smiled darkly. For after all, didn't good things come to those who waited?
Eliotrope Island Investigation
An entry for the October 2016 Coreline Jam. It still counts if they don't know they're in a city, right?
Cackling, a spectre dressed as a British soldier flew through the twilight Virginia woods, swinging its bayonet blade through the trees, causing them to topple even as it phased through the chaos of the falling canopies.

It apparently did so in an attempt to slow the pursuit it had garnered from four figures, a man with blonde hair in a black and white outfit soaring with the aid of a black aura, a woman with bright red hair in a red and white outfit who flew in a trail of rainbow light, a cloud-like being with a shaggy look even when immaterial, and an auburn haired woman in a yellow uniform with a large pack on her back, who was being carried by the blonde man. It was the Mystery Incorporated team with the abilities of the Power Pack!

“Zero-G, is it still heading in the direction of Mount Vernon,” their Scooby, made super-intelligent as the result of exposure to strange chemicals, whose inventions had led to them asked over the com link.

“Yeah,” Fred Jones, also known as Zero-G, obviously for his ability to manipulate gravity, replied as he shunted the latest tree canopy out of the way. “We should be there in a few minutes, and he hasn’t let up his rampage, we should really get that Poison Ivy Daphne to help clean this up later.”

“Good, I should get there just before it. Remember, somehow this ghost emerged from a portal with no warning and expressed a desire to get revenge on America for winning the Revolutionary War,” Scooby warned. “We have to capture it, learn if it was aided or if more are coming, and stop it from defacing Mount Vernon like he did that store with George Washington bobbleheads. Velma, is the Proton Pack still functional”?

“Yes,” Velma, also known as Energizer, replied, a stray spark from her upwards test shot narrowly missing an oblivious Daphne, who had the powers of Lightspeed, and passing harmlessly through Shaggy, or the Mass Master as he went by in uniform. “Once you get the spare trap to the manor, and set it up, the others will distract it and keep it away from the grounds while I lock onto it with the stream and trap it.”

“Too bad we couldn’t have caught it before it destroyed our other one, since we rented it, we’ll have to pay to replace it,” Daphne said.

“What I don’t get is why it’s going after Mount Vernon,” Shaggy said as he morphed around another tree trunk. “Why not go after something bigger or more famous, like the Washington Monument? Does he have a beef against Washington personally or something?”

“I don’t know Shaggy, but we’ve got to stop him before he can do whatever he’s planning,” Fred said. “We can ask him when we’ve got him safe in a trap. Power Pack away!”

“I told you to stop saying that Fred,” Velma deadpanned.


Far away, a figure shrouded in darkness watched as the team managed to defeat the redcoat ghost before it could reach the house. It was briefly mad at how its plan had failed, but it sooned calmed itself, knowing that it could easily try again, and again, and again, until it succeeded...


No journal entries yet.


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