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Cackling, a spectre dressed as a British soldier flew through the twilight Virginia woods, swinging its bayonet blade through the trees, causing them to topple even as it phased through the chaos of the falling canopies.

It apparently did so in an attempt to slow the pursuit it had garnered from four figures, a man with blonde hair in a black and white outfit soaring with the aid of a black aura, a woman with bright red hair in a red and white outfit who flew in a trail of rainbow light, a cloud-like being with a shaggy look even when immaterial, and an auburn haired woman in a yellow uniform with a large pack on her back, who was being carried by the blonde man. It was the Mystery Incorporated team with the abilities of the Power Pack!

“Zero-G, is it still heading in the direction of Mount Vernon,” their Scooby, made super-intelligent as the result of exposure to strange chemicals, whose inventions had led to them asked over the com link.

“Yeah,” Fred Jones, also known as Zero-G, obviously for his ability to manipulate gravity, replied as he shunted the latest tree canopy out of the way. “We should be there in a few minutes, and he hasn’t let up his rampage, we should really get that Poison Ivy Daphne to help clean this up later.”

“Good, I should get there just before it. Remember, somehow this ghost emerged from a portal with no warning and expressed a desire to get revenge on America for winning the Revolutionary War,” Scooby warned. “We have to capture it, learn if it was aided or if more are coming, and stop it from defacing Mount Vernon like he did that store with George Washington bobbleheads. Velma, is the Proton Pack still functional”?

“Yes,” Velma, also known as Energizer, replied, a stray spark from her upwards test shot narrowly missing an oblivious Daphne, who had the powers of Lightspeed, and passing harmlessly through Shaggy, or the Mass Master as he went by in uniform. “Once you get the spare trap to the manor, and set it up, the others will distract it and keep it away from the grounds while I lock onto it with the stream and trap it.”

“Too bad we couldn’t have caught it before it destroyed our other one, since we rented it, we’ll have to pay to replace it,” Daphne said.

“What I don’t get is why it’s going after Mount Vernon,” Shaggy said as he morphed around another tree trunk. “Why not go after something bigger or more famous, like the Washington Monument? Does he have a beef against Washington personally or something?”

“I don’t know Shaggy, but we’ve got to stop him before he can do whatever he’s planning,” Fred said. “We can ask him when we’ve got him safe in a trap. Power Pack away!”

“I told you to stop saying that Fred,” Velma deadpanned.


Far away, a figure shrouded in darkness watched as the team managed to defeat the redcoat ghost before it could reach the house. It was briefly mad at how its plan had failed, but it sooned calmed itself, knowing that it could easily try again, and again, and again, until it succeeded...
Although CHIMERA had come dangerously close to taking control of the world once and for all, the heroes they had let escape, had, after managing to gain their second wind, along with one of the dark alliance’s own super soldier Kasumi clones who had defected, managed to break the group apart and save the world from their tyranny, freeing their prisoners and toppling its leaders.

But despite the chaos of the worldwide attack, and the reconstruction efforts afterwards, life went on, and it was soon time for the Fourth of July once more upon the Core Timeline. Like many other heroes, it was a time the Champions were on high alert, for something about holidays tends to draw out the supervillains, crazies, and all around drama. If you don’t believe me, just look at how many times Christmas has been saved.

Thus, the Champions, the group funded by Stingray Industries, with branches all over the US, tried, like most heroes do, to do as much as their celebrating as they could in the days immediately preceding the Fourth in order to make sure that they got their festivities with the rest of the team, and/or their other friends and loved ones, in at all. The following are glimpses of some of those moments…


Korra sat on a blanket in a Central Park clearing, leaning against a snoozing Naga while watching her Pichu, Eevee, Ditto and Mawile playing together, chasing after a large ball. Not far away, Blaziken and Lucario were grilling to compliment the other food Korra had brought for the picnic, and the food Katara, Storm and Mana would bring with them after their patrol was done.


Kasumi tackled the purse-snatcher she had been chasing, if one could technically call her quick dash down the alley a “chase”. In seconds, his hands were behind his back and restrained, and she had tied him to a pole while she returned the purse, well, more of a satchel really, to its owner and called the police.

Once that had been settled, she finished her patrol with Hikari with no other problems, and promptly started to head back towards Stronghold. Mari was coming with some of her team to the cookout, and the captain had promised to introduce her to some Fourth of July traditions she promised the clone would love. She was especially looking forward to “corn on the cob”.


Roger Hackett sat on a blanket (rhyme not intended), watching the fireworks, the projection body of his girlfriend, the digital were-cheetah known as Brittany Diggers, laying beside him. They had had a LONG day, but even if they were called in on another emergency almost immediately, which they thankfully weren’t, it would have been worth it for that time together.


Turnot and Karin gazed at the force of super-powered teenage clones of the founding fathers (and a few other famous Americans) that they had stumbled upon, their minds controlled by a Mad Mod alt and some other British villains, in an attempt to reclaim America as a colony. They were outnumbered, and backup was still minutes away. They grinned together and leaped into battle, for what more would they like on a holiday?

These are only a small portion of such scenes, but why not imagine them up yourself? Bye...
Name: Norville “Shaggy” Rogers

Universe of Origin: Scooby Doo

Affiliations: Mystery Inc., Yellow Lanterns (loosely).

Hair Color: Brown

Appearance: Wears a standard YL uniform, and a green shirt and red pants when not on duty.

Powers and Abilities:

Yellow Power Ring Mastery: Has command of a Yellow Lantern power ring, allowing him to channel the power of fear.

Scooby Effect: Monsters, ghosts, and other weird stuff, both real and fake, tend to pop up around him.

Scooby Doo Doors: Can use doors relatively close to each other effectively teleport.


Ring Charge: The power ring must be recharged when its charge drops, or it will deactivate.

Magic: Power Rings can be blindsided by certain kinds of magic.


His history isn’t much different than most Shaggy alts, save that, after helping the Justice League of his world deal with a ghost problem that was the work of disguised villains, Sinestro’s power ring, upon sensing how he and Scooby scared themselves silly all the time, fled him and duplicated itself so they each had one.

Though the League took them for safekeeping at the time, a later adventure required the two to take up the rings again, with Fred gaining a Blue Lantern Ring, Velma a Green ring, and Daphne a Star Sapphire ring.

Not long after, the gang was transported to the Core Timeline in time to join the newly forming Mystery Inc., using the connections they had as Lanterns to help get some of the equipment the group needed, like replicators to feed the bottomless pits known as Shaggy and Scooby. They then formed a team dedicated primarily to interplanetary and interstellar mysteries.

Personality: Shaggy is still jumpy, but his power ring has given him some more confidence, and he can now use his reputation as a Shaggy alt and a Lantern to intimidate crooks into submission.
Shirou Emiya

Universe of Origin: Nasuverse.

Affiliation: Emiya Enterprises.

Hair Color: Red with light silver streaking, which he sometimes dyes, especially if he needs to pass himself off as a different Shirou.

Eye Color: Amber

Appearance: Wears a reinforced business suit.

Powers and Abilities:

Mana Reserves: Has a larger mana reserve than most Shirou alts.

Tracing: Has gained great skill with Tracing, though he has no Reality Marble yet.

Servant Mastery: Due to both his high mana reserves, the lowered costs of sustaining a Servant on the Line, and in Fuyuki, and other means, he has the command seals for several Servants, who work at the company, though he is not one to abuse that authority, and said Servants respect him for that.

Business Acumen: Is a surprising shrewd businessman, and his company is the dominant financial power in the city.


Less Combat Training: Although the difference isnt much, all the sitting behind a desk Shirou has done means that he’s not training as often as he’s like.

Exhaustion: His sense of responsibility means that he occasionally works himself into exhaustion. He’s fallen asleep at his desk more than once.


This Shirou’s path really started to diverge when he had the idea that, maybe, he could make it easier for other heroes to do their work and help people, and thus he would do more good than if he decided to follow that path. Not long after that, he ended up in the Core Timeline around the time of the 23 Hours, and used his newly forming company to help in the aftermath of the chaos in addition to helping himself.

Emiya Enterprises would then grow to be a major economic power in the city and beyond, making strides in combining magic and technology and methods to contain rogue Servants, among other things.

Personality: Unlike most Shirou alts, he’s more comfortable not jumping into every battle himself, for the most part trusting his Servants and employees to handle things, though he does keep an eye on ops when he can, and will intervene himself if necessary. He’s also a little wiser and more calculating.


No journal entries yet.


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